For Instructors

As an instructor, Films on Demand (FoD) has a lot of flexibility in how it provides information to you and your students. Below are some of the ways that these film titles can be incorporated into your courses.

Searching basics
Just in case you would like a little help getting started, here’s some quick information on finding films in the FoD database.  Watch Searching basics in FoD to find out more.

Creating custom film segments.
Much like reading a textbook, not all the information shared in a film may be necessary for your students to view.  FoD allows you to create a custom segment and share that with your students.  Here’s howFilms on Demand – Custom Segments (print)

Creating Playlists
If you are using multiple films in your course, you have the option to create a playlist with all of the films that your students should watch.  You can also create playlists and share with colleagues or your department.  Additionally, FoD will allow you to store and organize the videos your are using for your courses on their system which makes for very easy access when creating your courses.  This video will show you how to do all of this.

Integrating films into your LMS
Adding films to your online course site is easy and can be done two ways.  The first is to embed or the film directly into your course.  Adding Films (video) Films on Demand + Blackboard (print)

The second is to use the LTI application in your LMS.  This option does have to be enabled by your IT department first.  If it has, here’s how to add a film directly into the Blackboard/Canvas/Moodle course you are working on.